Train-the Trainer Programme on Basic Instructional Skills
Anyone who would like to become a qualified instructor of any occupational safety and health course, the applicants have to acquire the qualification of the relevant courses and receive training on basic instructional skills. As the application time is very long for those training courses and the course material is mainly in English, these have made many potentially qualified trainers to step back.
Our Centre is a recognized training organization that provides the above training course. We offer professional and higher quality training service. We have designed a 3-day course, which is equal to the recognized basic instructional training course of the Labour Department. After finishing this course, the trainees could use the certificate of this course to apply for the status as qualified trainers.
Train-the Trainer Programme on Basic Instructional Skills  |  Online Application
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Commencement Date
Commencement Time
Study Address:
Construction Machinery Technical Training Centre: 136 Sung Shan New Village, Yuen Long, N.T.

Course Aim: After finishing this course, trainees should be able to:
  1. Know the relevant instructional theory.
  2. Know different kinds of teaching media and tools and their use.
  3. Understand the technique of course arrangement.
  4. Correctly demonstrate different teaching techniques.
  5. Understand how to make assessment on learning.

Course Details:
  1. The course hours are 9:00 am - 5:00 pm each day.
  2. All the students have to attend all the courses and pass the examination in order to get the certificate.
  3. The course is HKD $1,800.
  4. The course fee includes course material, practice, examination and certificate.
  5. To reach our Centre, Students can take 73 minibus where its station is located behind the Yuen Long Happy Plaza.
  6. Medium of Instruction : Cantonese