Centre Profile

Since the Occupational Safety & Health Ordinance is passed in 1997, in addition to the present Factories & Industrial Undertakings Ordinance, the public has paid more attention to the occupational safety & health in their respective field. In recent years, the execution of regulations such as the loadshifting machinery regulation, Construction & Container Handling Mandatory Safety Training, Confined Spaced Workers Training, Safety Management...etc. has aroused the consciousness of the public on receiving training certification by qualified organizations. However, there are only very few organizations which provide the above training, and the public does not have many to choose from.

Our Set Up
C. M. T. T. C. is a privately established occupational safety & health training organization. Since we established in 2000, we commit to provide excellent and professional OS & HT and develop various recognized courses in order to attain the target of improving the standard of occupational safety & health. Up to the