Mini / Skid Loader Training Course
Since the SAR Government has passed the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Loadshifting Machinery) Regulations, all the operators of Mini/Skid Loader has to received training and get a certificate from organizations recognized by the Labour Department. Construction Machinery Technical Training Centre is one of the recognized training organizations that provide professional training. Our high standard training machinery and training facilities enable every machinery operator to enhance their operation ability.
Mini/Skid Loader (Experienced Course)  |  Online Application
Course Fee Duration
Mini / Skid Loader Training Course HK$2,000 2 Days
Ten days-beginner Mini loader Training Course HK$6,000 10 Days
Course Aim
After finishing the course, every student should be able to:
  1. Understand the relevant regulations
  2. Understand the basic structure of Mini/Skid Loader, its energy mechanism, loading mechanism and stability
  3. Know the relevant points of safety operation and different procedures to prevent danger
  4. To reach our Centre, Students can take 73 minibus where its station is located behind the Yuen Long Happy Plaza.
  5. Correctly and safety demonstrate different techniques of operation